Ansted Head Start

1 (304) 658-4911

Rich Creek Road, Ansted, WV 25812

Ansted Center is located in Ansted, WV.

Ansted Head Start is on Rich Creek Road, Ansted, WV. There are two classrooms with a maximum enrollment of 18 children each. Each classroom is staffed by a Teacher and a Teacher Aide. Transportation for children is provided for those living within the enrollment area of this Center. Our buses meet all DOT regulations and each Bus Driver is certified. Meals are provided by a licensed cook at the site to make delicious Breakfasts and Lunches for the children to enjoy. A wonderful fenced playground with many safe and fun age-specific toys is provided for great supervised outdoor activities.

Those not familiar with Ansted can find us by turning off Rt. 60 at the end of the bridge on Main Street onto Page Street which becomes Rich Creek Road then drive about a mile. We are on the right.

Parents are welcome to visit and participate in learning activities with their children and the public is invited to enroll as volunteers to help in the classrooms.

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